Do’s and Don’ts of selecting an agent

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Just like most things in life, there’s no one size fits all even when selecting a real estate agent. With so many agents to choose from the task can seem overwhelming. Of course, (shameless plug) I would love to be the preferred agent for all of you but I know that many of you have relationships with other agents and if they have served you well then that’s great! Everyone needs an agent that they can trust. From the time you decide to sell, until you’re sitting at the closing table, you will spend a lot of time with your agent and she/he will be inside your home quite often.

  1. Do NOT select an agent because the listing price they offer to list your house at is the highest of all of the agents you interview.
  2. Do NOT select an agent solely because they do a lot of business in the area. Popularity doesn’t mean excellence.
  3. Do NOT select an agent out of obligation (friend, neighbor, family etc.) – this is business!
  4. Do NOT select an agent because they say they have a buyer for your home

Now for the DO’s!

  1. Do select an agent that bases the list price on market data and current (3-6 month) stats
  2. Do select an agent that presents a well thought out marketing and pricing strategy that will get your property into the hands of buyers.
  3. Do select an agent that is driven, motivated and will be there for all the most important listing events such as photography, open houses etc.
  4. Do select an agent that has proven success and multi social media outlets to advertise through.
  5. Lastly, do select an agent that plays well with other agents! Agents can make or break a deal.

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