Therapeutic Fall Cleaning

Most of the chapters of my life have ended without much nostalgia. Maybe that is because it was clear and exciting what the next chapter would bring. Graduating high school meant the freedom of going to college. Graduating college meant the independence of joining the workforce. Leaving behind the grind of 9-5 to raise our children meant embracing motherhood and not missing a moment of our ever-changing babies lives. Now, I am faced with the end of an 8 1/2 year chapter of having at least one child at home and I am consumed with conflicting emotions. This is not a chapter that I am completely ready to give up (too bad for me since I have no choice)…so, my plan of attack to deal with this new chapter (at least while I’m home and not working) is to do a massive Fall clean. I am not talking about mopping and dusting…I am talking about a flip the mattress, launder the curtains and vacuum out the dryer kind of clean. Totally and utterly obsessive, somewhat concerning, therapeutic cleaning…good ol’ fashion OCD style! I know many of you will read this, laugh…and then do the same!

I found this great checklist, happy cleaning:


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