She Shed Me

Maybe it is a 40-something shift in conversation topics but lately I find myself discussing home decorating a whole lot (omg who am I???). And, as with many of these conversations that take place over wine and apps, the topic often drifts from design and construction to a colorful (mainly playful) debate about his and her spaces. He would love a game room…She would love a “live-in” closet. He would love a bigger deck…She would love HER OWN SPACE free of kids stuff, beer cans and basically only touched by her. In the same way that my husband would love a room that he can make as cluttered and messy as he wants without anyone cleaning it or asking him to (ok maybe nagging a bit), I want a room that no one will clutter or mess up. An untouched piece of quiet and serenity. I love my family and all the chaos that they come with and I wouldn’t trade the mess and clutter for anything in the world but as the manager of this house, I would love a place to go when I am off duty.

And here is where the She-Shed dances her way in.

What is a she-shed you ask?  Think playhouse for adults. Imagine a shed or a greenhouse turned into a mini vacation spot, as fancy or simple as you want it. Imagine laying on a big fat white couch having a crisp glass of white wine and reading a book. “Where’s mommy?” “oh, she’s in the she shed…she’ll be out later”

Totally unnecessary and indulgent…absolutely! Will I ever get one? No, but a girl can dream!

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