Bringing some summer inside…

From that first breezy, cool day in late September to the final days of hibernation in mid-April; as the sky grows dark by 6 and we rely on down comforters and baked goods to keep us cozy – I shop more (sigh) and thus fill our home with velvety rich finishings. Although my husband claims that we don’t need yet another peacock blue pillow or large majestic candle stick – these accessories bring warmth to cold days and help me enjoy the time relegated to the inside of our home.

However, the moment that delicious warm sun comes out, I want to open all of my windows and replace those deep tones with the colors of the summer (whites, yellows, bright blues and greens).  Herein lies a dilemma because I am absolutely not someone who has the energy or interest to change curtains or swap out artwork based on the seasons. So, how can I bring a little bit of that sunshine inside without a. breaking the bank b. spending too much time?

I combined my own decorating techniques with some of those found on pinterest, houzz, catalogs and home blogs and came up with some simple and affordable ideas:

  1. Literally bring the outside in (if you have kids, get them involved too)…branches, twigs, wheatgrass and shells are incredible decorating materials that cost NOTHING. I’m always amazed by how natural beauty of a branch juxtaposed with the clean lines of walls and floors can transform a room.

2. Replace dark, ceramic vases with clear glass ones in different shapes and sizes (HomeGoods sells these dirt cheap) and fill your home with flowers, flowers, flowers (A.I. Friedman has gorgeous faux flower options if you don’t want to swap out the fresh ones weekly)


3. Buy a few bright, colorful throws/pillow to drape over furniture. The lighter the fabric the better. (Wayfair has a great selection)

4. If you have a mantle, that’s a great focal point to add light and life. Put up a bright wreath (check out Etsy for gorgeous paper flower wreaths) or go to a local flea market and buy an old window pane or street sign. I also love white ceramic milk jugs to put flowers in.

mantle_window pane

5. Lastly, and maybe my favorite decorating idea (because my kiddos love these) is making Mason Jar (or wine bottle) “fairy” lanterns with tissue paper and glue (or modge podge). My dear friend Cameron turned me onto these and we are now planning a summer solstice party that includes a fairy lantern making competition. You can put these on your mantle, deck, dining room table etc.

Please share your own summer decorating ideas.

Happy Summer!!


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