Happy Home Buying

As you may know, buying a home can be an extremely exhausting process, both emotionally and physically. Believe me, I know! We have purchased 2 homes and both times I was pregnant. My nesting instinct was in full force and my energy was low. Not a good combination.

Emotionally: we walk into each new space lugging our families, our lifestyles, our possessions and our dreams on our shoulders and we begin to see if we can fit each of them in every room. We assess how the space feels -warm or cold? Happy or sad? Light or dark? And we try to take in every detail…every crack, creak and scratch. Our senses are heightened.  Could you hear the dull moan of traffic passing by? Was that a dog barking next door?

physically: we set up 4-5 houses/apartments to see in one day. We are in and out of the car, up and down stairs, in and out of the homes. Walking through each room 2 or 3 times. It’s plain old exhausting.

As a realtor, my job is to manage your expectations and your exhaustion. This process does NOT have to be a stressful one. In fact, your home should be your happy, safe space, and therefore the process should be exciting.

My job is to ask you the right questions AND lots of them. And then really, really listen when you answer. I need to know much more than how many bedrooms or baths you want or what your budget is. And, I can’t just stop after I hear: we want a center colonial.

I need to know:

What does a typical day look like? What does a weekend look like (are you rushing to get kids to sports or are you reading the NY Times over coffee)? If you had to choose one room in your home to live in which one would it be? Are you an entertainer or more of a quiet homebody? Do you love to cook or do you prefer to order in? What does 5 years from now look like? Do you ever work at home? Where do you enjoy spending your time when you are not at home?

And the list goes on and on. Although these questions may at times seem tedious, the work you put in on the forefront will reduce your exhaustion. These questions/discussions will make you rethink your own wish list. They will help you go into the home buying process with a clear head and a clear plan! So you come out home happy…




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