Hello Westchester…

This morning, while catching up with a close friend of mine who is feeling quite lonely since her recent move from Westchester to Long Island, I started thinking about our move from Brooklyn to Westchester 6 years ago. Although the desire for space and serenity outweighed my love for all things NYC, the move was still full of trepidation and doubt. We were entering into a major unknown without the support of friends and family around us (albeit close by but not neighbors). In addition to the doubt, I also carried with me a Stepford Wives meets the Midwest picture of the ‘burbs…complete with minivans and high-waisted “mom” jeans (both of which I can certainly appreciate now…and that has nothing to do with where I live!). What would this move mean for our family? How does growing up in the ‘burbs shape a child? Who would we meet here and how would they stack up to our urban Brooklyn friends (who happen to now live in the ‘burbs too)?

I remember those first few weeks well. They felt both exciting and totally isolated. I signed up for mommy and me classes and watched longingly as the other moms chatted and laughed. But, I had my daughter and we were a team. I got lost over and over again (thank goodness for GPS), finally learning several ways to get to one destination. I hopped from playground to playground and supermarket to supermarket fully enjoying the ability to park and walk in with ease and the peacefulness they offered.

Slowly I met one person who introduced me to the next and the next. I met families who had made the same move as we had and ones that had grown up and were now raising their own kids here. I made friends from all walks of life, different countries, different backgrounds but all with the same love for family, food and fun. I started setting up playdates for my daughter which quickly turned into grown up playdates. I found comfort in sharing these new adventures with my old friends and telling my new friends all about the old. I realized that my friends from the past would support me as I settled into my new life. 

Little by little I had created a life and a home for us here. One which I wouldn’t trade in for the world. It took time but there is nowhere I would rather be (well ok, maybe St Maarten).

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