The white kitchen club

Whenever my mother and I sit down to chat over coffee (which is not nearly often enough), we inevitably end up pulling out the laptop and perusing pictures of our dream homes. As people who love to cook and entertain, the kitchen always ends up being the focal point. We oohhh and ahhhhh over huge center islands and Wolf ranges with their big red knobs and gleaming stainless steel hoods (swoon). And then we map out our own dream kitchens…which always seem to be WHITE.

Yes, I too am part of the, “I want a white kitchen” club. There’s just something about those large white marble counters with specks of black and bright white matching cabinets that make me drool. As I work with my clients, many of whom are seeking the same dream kitchen, I began to wonder: Why the white kitchen? What is it about white kitchens that make them so popular?

I recently read a great post by a designer in MN that said: I think [the trend towards white kitchens] has something to do with white’s ability to be the perfect backdrop, while at the same time being the star of the show and setting a tone for the entire space.


I love this image of a backdrop and I think that she really hits the nail on the head. White is a clean canvas that gives us the option to add or take away design elements. White shines bright and yet also allows other colors to stand out. In a hectic, fast paced world, we are all seeking a clutter-free space. We all want that moment of zen with our coffee in the morning or our end of day reflection with our glass of wine or tea.  White is a peaceful snowy day and also the white sand and shells of a beach.e1104559-b3d9-4499-9540-cd7cfb526995-7321-000003298b697322_tmp

That being said, white is not for everyone. White can be a recipe for disaster (pun intended). White can be the color something started off as before dirty little hands got to it. Imagine that same clean white kitchen after 3 kids have “helped” make dinner or after a long week of work.

What I tell all of my clients is that trends will come and go but the person you need to please is the one in the mirror. You will have to live with your kitchen day in and day out. Whether you feel white is right or you prefer one of the world’s other 17 million colors, the good news is that great design is accessible to everyone these days.   

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By Alexis Lucente, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Green Grass Real Estate,


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