Candy Store Spaces

I never thought it would happen…but I have grown to love the clutter in my kids’ rooms (which is saying a LOT coming from me. I am somewhat…ok totally a neat freak). Let me be clear…CLUTTER not MESS. I don’t love the random socks left on the floor or the shreds of paper they neglected to throw in the garbage. I love the eclectic, joyful array of tiny toys, books, pictures and decorations. 

I love that their rooms are a reflection of who they are. A constant reminder of what I love about my children. My kids are full of life and energy and color, so it is fitting that their rooms would be too. Their rooms are just like delicious candy stores. Chock full of treats in every shape and color under the sun with magnificent ties and bows. Nothing quite matches and yet everything blends together in a mix of HAPPY. Little figures line the shelves and notebooks, pens and crayons fill their desks. Legos and Shopkins and dolls and books all play harmoniously together.

Strangely I find their rooms peaceful. There is no room in there for stress…it is crazy enough on its own. Maybe we all need some more candy store spaces in our lives! 



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